Word ‘Czars’ ‘Unfriend’ 15 Words

Fifteen overused, misused and generally  useless words were “unfriended” by the word “czars” at Lake Superior State University. The school welcomed the new year with its 35th annual “List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English.”

“The list this year is a ‘teachable moment’ conducted free of ‘tweets,'” said a Word Banishment spokesman who was “chillaxin'” for the holidays. “‘In these economic times’, purging our language of ‘toxic assets’ is a ‘stimulus’ effort that’s ‘too big to fail.'”

Here’s the 2010 list, with comments from the listmakers and the folks who nominated these tired terms:

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Top 10 Funny Things About Christian Publishing

Kim Petit asked me (former executive director, Doug Trouten) to come up with the “Top 10 Funny Things About Christian Publishing” for CookPartners, “The online magazine of global Christian publishing.” It was a bit of a challenge to try to come up with jokes that would work cross-culturally and in different languages, but here’s what […]

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The Truth: Video Example

The order in which information is presented can make all the difference in the world. Here’s a clever piece shown at a recent Youth Specialties convention that powerfully makes that point.
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